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Inspiration for the Mural News Blog:

     Inspired by the honey bee hive , this mural news blog is about working together for the well being of the whole through the creation of public mural art. You'll read stories about how community members come together to create mural art that tell the story of their town. How some of the murals hold the brush strokes of dedicated townsfolk, both young and old. Stories about the challenges of the mural artists who render the sketches and how they bring the communities together to help paint these huge works of art. What has been realized is that the communities involved have a rise in local pride, the town upgraded itself more throughout and the economic impact was felt by everyone.

    Stories about other public art murals where individual artists were commissioned by a concerned town or townsfolk to beautify and show respect for their community are told on this blog. Some of these amazing murals are blocks long or hidden in bathrooms. Please join us on a fascinating journey into the deep valleys & the triumphs of the creation of huge works of public mural art.

Enjoy your journey into the Mural Art News Blog!

Doreyl Ammons Cain
Mural Trail Director
(Discover the Appalachian Mural Trail)

Snowbird Community Spirit

     Community spirit filled the air in Robbinsville, North Carolina these first days of May, 2021. Snowbird Cherokee artists gathered to help sketch the mural design and begin painting this award winning mural concept.

     The Pandemic had put the mural on hold for a year and most disturbing was the death of one of the lead artists, TJ Holland, the cultural resources manager for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and director of the Junaluska Memorial Museum in Robbinsville. Tj Holland had been the link between the Snowbird Community and the other lead artist, Doreyl Ammons Cain as well as ZSmith Reynolds who had bestowed a $50,000 grant award to the project through the efforts of the GREAT Group in Robbinsville.

     A community effort from the beginning, Tj Holland introduced Doreyl Ammons Cain to the history of Snowbird through community meetings where stories of the lives of special women were told. Through listening to the stories Cain created a master sketch of the mural. Once the sketch was complete, Cain conducted mural painting workshops with 7 local Cherokee artists where they learned through watching Cain paint a mural panel. Each artist took a large art panel home to begin painting one of the special Snowbird women. Each artist is related to the women they painted.

     Everyone took notice when the mural panels were placed on the outside of the old VFW building in historical downtown Robbinsville the first day of May. Even UNC PBS TV came to film the mural's beginning. The show of community spirit lives on in Robbinsville as 7 Snowbird artists are still busy painting the Snowbird women's story.

     " TJ is smiling up there." says Nikki Nations, Cherokee artist.

     The Snowbird Women's mural is already placed on the Appalachian Mural Trail, where you can view the mural once finished. Meanwhile the mural trail will be updating the mural's progress. To check out the Appalachian Mural Trail go to where you'll find over 120 magnificent murals with maps and directions to find the murals in the mountains and piedmonts of North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

Mural Art News

U.S. Mural News

A Deal With The Artist Near San Francisco Allows The Flintstone Home To Remain
     Not sure there's any way to explain this except to just say it: "In a dispute that pitted property rights against government rules and played out in international media, Florence Fang, a retired publisher, defended her colorful and bulbous house and its elaborate homage to The Flintstones family, featuring sculptures inspired by the 1960s cartoon along with aliens and other oddities." - Fang (mostly) won.  read more

Visiting Artist Who Was Handcuffed By Columbia Police At His Apartment Gets An Apology
     Artist John Sims, who was asleep when officers entered his apartment, says, "I could have easily been shot and killed that night." Now what if I was armed legally and fired on the intruders not knowing if they were police? Would this 'stand-your-ground' law apply to me? " And more importantly, why are Black people consistently profiled to be a suspect, an intruder, a thief, in the wrong place, assumed to be guilty first?"  read more

How The Pandemic Is Changing The Ways We Look At Art
     What I did not expect was how these installations would speak to one another, and to me, about the pandemic.  read more

Art Peaked 30,000 Years Ago
     Or so some believe. The more you look at images from the walls of Lascaux and Chauvet, the more you realise art really has invented nothing since those days at the end of the ice age. It is hard to take in how comprehensively these ancient artists anticipated the future. It takes time to fully...  read more

"Public Murals make good Business Sense"
     Big business is joining in the mural movement! Jiffy Lube in Indiana is getting mural artist involved in painting public murals on all of their 50 sites. They now see how the murals have increased business and profits!  read more

Archaeologists Find 3,200-Year-Old Mural in Peru, Shedding New Light on Pre-Columbian Culture
     Researchers have uncovered a 3,200-year-old mural in the Peruvian province of Viru that could shed light on the pre-Columbian Cupisnique culture. Archaeologist Regulo Franco Jordan told La Republica of the mural, "We are in front of a temple that thousands of years ago would have been a ceremonial center. It is precisely a stylized zoomorphic being that could be a spider, a very sacred animal, found on the south wall." The painting features a variety of colors, including...  read more

Artist who created controversial Detroit
Institute of Arts 'pro-cop' painting says she regrets it
     The Detroit Institute of Arts drew backlash over the weekend after it posted photos of a new public work of art it created for the Sterling Heights Police Department that critics say showed poor taste and timing considering the growing movements for Black lives and police reform. The painting, titled "To Serve and Protect," depicts police officers holding hands in prayer against the backdrop of an American Flag. Macdonald says the backlash against the painting especially hurts because she, as a white woman who grew up in the majority Black city of Detroit, has dedicated much of her...  read more

The Exploding Market For NFT Art
     Most people still do not really understand it, but with the influx of cryptocapital into the NFT art market, all eyes are now glued to the possibilities of NFT art. "This whole mainstream sweep happened sooner than we anticipated," says Jonathan Perkins, the co-founder of SuperRare, which launched in 2018. In its first year, it averaged about $8,000 a month in sales. By the second year, $100,000 a month. Last month "around the time it announced a series-A investment from the likes of Samsung, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Cuban, and Marc Benioff " $30 million a month.  read more

We've Got Robot Artists. Now We May Get Robot Art Critics.
     For human art lovers, learning which style or category a piece of art falls in is a relatively straightforward and objective task. Like the neural networks [in artificial intelligence], we can learn how to do that by looking at a lot of art and finding patterns. But there's something humans do that computers don't: we also form opinions about the art and can share in words how looking at it makes us feel. Computers can't do that yet " or can they?" Here's how one group of researchers is working on it.  read more

The Artists Making Money On Crypto Digital Art
     "NFTs have been a thing for years, but recently it's been exploding," says Seattle-based digital sculptor Sam Clover, aka Planttdaddii. Clover started selling her artworks "GIFs and JPEGs of psychedelic flora and fauna" as NFTs in October last year. These days, her works routinely sell for 2 ETH (more than $3,000) on platforms like SuperRare and Foundation.  read more

Your MILLION-DOLLAR NFT can Break Tomorrow If you're not Careful!
     Open up the $69 million NFT that Beeple sold at Christie's, and you won't find much. The name of the artwork isn't there. The name of the artist is missing. And crucially, you won't even find the actual piece of art. That's not a flaw in "Beeple's NFT" it's just how the system works. It turns out, the house of cards that is the NFT system is even more precarious than...  read more

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